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Horse Agility Starter Kit


Now comes with a free copy of The Horse Agility DVD, a step-by-step introduction to the sport


The Starter kit contains enough equipment to build at least 5 obstacles and with imagination many more. An instructional leaflet with lots of helpful tips and ideas is supplied with the kit to get you started.

The kit includes:

5 cones (standard cones with holes in the side to allow them to be used to make small jumps, colours may be different from the picture)
1 tarpaulin
1 roll of barrier tape
3 flags (large, no poles inc.)
10m bunting x 2 lengths (20m total)
50 marker cones
1 Free Horse Agility DVD

3 flags

A selection of three fun flags. All you need to do is find some long poles and you have the start of a Scary Corner!

50 marker cones

50 marker cones complete with carrier to keep them tidy. Perfect to mark out lanes and obstacles. The underside is smooth so when turned inside out the cones can be drawn on, using a permanent marker, to create obstacle numbers.

1 Roll barrier tape 70mm x 500mm

Stripy barrier tape is ideal to dress up your Scary Corner, mark out areas that or out of bounds or create corridors. Once you have a roll of this tape to hand you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

2 packs of 10m bunting

Perfect to add to your Scary Corner! 20m of brightly coloured triangles on sturdy tape to flutter and rustle in the wind!

5 cones, unweighted Red Blue Yellow Green

Five brightly coloured cones, 18in high (450mm). Perfect for the weaving and bending obstacles as well as marking out areas that need to be easily seen.
(Please note it is a crime to remove traffic/safety cones from the public highway).

Heavyweight tarpaulin 3mx3.6m

A large heavy weight lorry tarpaulin. Safer than light tarpaulins that are liable shred after a few uses and cause a trip hazard to horse and handler. We’ve been using ours for over a year and it’s still going strong!